Under pressure you do not rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. Thats why we train so hard.

– Anonymous Navy Seal

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CFT Diary
FYF Bondi Beach - 7/7/17

Training Plans

Below you will find the options. Decide where you're at and where you want to be, then choose the most appropriate program for your ability, goals and time available. Each program maps out in detail your week on week progression and the time commitment required. Using the programme alongside the CFT movement library, I will guide you through accurate and effective execution of each of the exercises and workouts, ensuring maximum impact. Take the next step and join the increasing numbers of people taking responsibility for their physical and mental health and wellbeing.


The starting point. The foundations. Nothing built on weak foundations will last. Initial testing in a range of areas will provide you with a numerical benchmark. This will act as the measure against which you can mark your progress through the programs.

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These programs will enable you to maintain a good level of general physical preparedness. Good progress here will move you closer to ‘The Peak’.

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These programs are designed to challenge you to achieve your potential; the top of your game. More emphasis here on specified disciplines e.g. Row Performance, Strength, Power.

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A range of programs with minimal equipment required and to suit all levels. A great way to establish and maintain your training regime. Particularly suited to those ‘on the move’.

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Nutrition byMoodi

These plans are a step by step guide and education into clean eating. Improve your energy levels, increase performance, drop body fat and gain lean muscle with these meal suggestions and options. Particular importance is paid to food combinations which will give you insight into ‘eating out’. You’ll receive different options for each meal time to prevent boredom and increase your likelihood of following a sustainable, physically and cognitively rewarding meal plan.


I have many longstanding clients. They come from a range of backgrounds and professions. I train anyone who wants to improve their performance from professional athletes to absolute beginners. Here's what some of them have to say.

Jai Courtney

"As an actor working in feature film I'm constantly tasked with achieving new physical goals, whether it be a level of fitness required to perform heavy action sequences or simply changing shape for aesthetic purposes. Whenever I'm on Aussie soil Chris keeps me challenged, focussed and dialled in to wherever I need to be. Physical fitness and adaptability has become a vital ingredient to success in the film industry and it's imperative to align yourself with professionals who understand how to help you reach your full potential whilst staying inspired and healthy. Chris is world class. I'm lucky to have him on my team."

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Sam Burgess

"Having played professional sport with Chris in England and training with him on a daily basis, it is evident that he is not only a great guy, but he’s passionate about training hard and developing his skills in every area of his own, and his clients training. I train with Chris when I'm getting ready for the football season ahead and in doing so; he has become an inspirational figure and a person who I admire. Chris has taught me new training techniques which are specific for any given desire that I may have. He's coached me on how to achieve my personal goals and given me fantastic nutritional tips along the way. I can confidently say that the small pieces of advice from Chris have helped to shape me as an individual. I will continue to use everything that I have learnt from him on a daily basis for the rest of my life. But above all, Chris is a champion man. Selfless, willing and determined to help you achieve the ultimate goal that you set for yourself. It's been a joy working with him and having him as one of my good friends over the 10 years that we've known each other."

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Mark Raisbeck

"I’ve been training with Chris for the last 3 years, and without doubt feel the fittest and healthiest i have felt in my whole life. Chris brings a professional, competitive and educated approach to our training and combined with the community feel at 98 Riley Street Gym. This is a perfect combination for me."

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Movement Library

This library includes exercise demonstration videos and points of performance for every movement in all of the CFT programmes.


Wall Walk

Wall Ball


Supinated Samson Hold

Shoulder Walkout

“Intent reveals desire. Action reveals commitment.”

– Dr Steve Maraboli

So Select the program for you and get started! Challenge yourself and take your
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