Chris Feather

Hailing from Leeds, Northern England, Chris had a keen interest in many competitive sports from an early age, originally finding his calling in rugby league as a teenager.

Chris’ competitive spirit, skills and grit saw him shoot up the ranks. A professional player at just age 17, Chris spent 11 years playing top level Super League in the UK and Elite League 1 Rugby in France.

Chris’s overall philosophy is based on hard work, mental strength and willingness to suffer. In his opinion, aesthetics are a bonus to achieving true fitness. Not vice versa! Importantly, he also practices what he preaches. There is no training or workout that Chris prescribes for a client without already completing it himself.

Chris trains a variety of clients, male and female, from beginners through to professional athletes. No matter what their age or ability, his clients simply require a passion to succeed, a positive mindset and a whole load of determination. He continually challenges them to improve their results and efforts, essentially competing with themselves in order to achieve their personal goals… and when that goal is reached – to set and reach new goals in the constant quest for fitness excellence.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Certified International Gym Jones Instructor
  • Certificate III & Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Professional Rugby League player (front row and second row)
  • 10 years in the British Super League. Teams - Leeds Rhinos, Bradford Bulls and Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • 1 year playing Elite League 1 Rugby in France. Team - Villeneuve Leopards
  • Lead cast fitness trainer on Hollywood feature films including Noah, Les Miserable, Broken City, Man of Steel and The Water Diviner
  • Founder, Manager and Personal Trainer at 98 Riley Street Gym, Sydney

Favourite Workouts

Here are a few of my favourite go too sessions. Done right, these sessions are guaranteed to hit the spot!

For time
20-1 ski/row calories & Ground to shoulder with 45kg

30 row / 90 rest (must complete 7 x burpee pull-ups in rest)
Work to failure

For time
100 bench press & 100kg
*complete 400m ski every time you break

For time
100 burpees
5 min rest
100 burpee pull-ups

For time
300 burpees
EMOM x deadlift at bodyweight

For time
300 cal ski
EMOM 5 x burpees

Calorie airbike & RH step up at 40% BW

“Intent reveals desire. Action reveals commitment.”

– Dr Steve Maraboli

So Select the program for you and get started! Challenge yourself and take your
fitness to the next level...