What does the price include?

It includes a comprehensive training plan with full access to CFT movement library and a 35% discount code for Body Science products.

What does FYF stand for?

FYF is an acronym for ‘Fuck you Friday’ It is well known as the toughest day in the gym at ‘Gym Jones’ Utah and many gyms around the world.  After taking part in my fair share of FYF’s at Gym Jones I introduced it at 98 Riley St Gym in 2015. It has since become something of an institution and attracts athletes & trainers from all over Australia. The session is by invitation only. Check out the FYF videos in the CFT Blog.

When it says 50 reps, does it mean i need to do all 50 at once?

No. You just need to accumulate 50 strict repetitions. Break it down however you like. Try to increase reps per set each week as you move through the program.

What does DHNK pull up stand for?

It stands for dead hang, no kip pull up. View the DHNK pull up in the movement library.

What does FLR stand for?

Front Leaning Rest. View the FLR in our Movement Library.

“Intent reveals desire. Action reveals commitment.”

– Dr Steve Maraboli

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