Jai Courtney Age 30

"As an actor working in feature film I'm constantly tasked with achieving new physical goals, whether it be a level of fitness required to perform heavy action sequences or simply changing shape for aesthetic purposes. Whenever I'm on Aussie soil Chris keeps me challenged, focussed and dialled in to wherever I need to be. Physical fitness and adaptability has become a vital ingredient to success in the film industry and it's imperative to align yourself with professionals who understand how to help you reach your full potential whilst staying inspired and healthy. Chris is world class. I'm lucky to have him on my team."

Sam Burgess Age 28

"Having played professional sport with Chris in England and training with him on a daily basis, it is evident that he is not only a great guy, but he’s passionate about training hard and developing his skills in every area of his own, and his clients training. I train with Chris when I'm getting ready for the football season ahead and in doing so; he has become an inspirational figure and a person who I admire. Chris has taught me new training techniques which are specific for any given desire that I may have. He's coached me on how to achieve my personal goals and given me fantastic nutritional tips along the way. I can confidently say that the small pieces of advice from Chris have helped to shape me as an individual. I will continue to use everything that I have learnt from him on a daily basis for the rest of my life. But above all, Chris is a champion man. Selfless, willing and determined to help you achieve the ultimate goal that you set for yourself. It's been a joy working with him and having him as one of my good friends over the 10 years that we've known each other."

Mark Raisbeck Age 33

"I’ve been training with Chris for the last 3 years, and without doubt feel the fittest and healthiest i have felt in my whole life. Chris brings a professional, competitive and educated approach to our training and combined with the community feel at 98 Riley Street Gym. This is a perfect combination for me."

George Burgess Age 24

"I first met Chris 8 years ago as a professional rugby league player. He has since become a great friend of mine and during that time has always shown a massive amount of care in what he does. Now as a world class Personal Trainer this can be clearly seen in his results with his clients. I can also speak from personal experience in this respect. When walking away from a Chris Feather training session I know I have achieved solid mental and physical gains."

Hayden Quinn

"Training with Chris has taken my appreciation for what it means to 'go to the limit' to a whole new level. Throughout my life I have been active and trained hard. Stepping into 98 Riley St and having a session with Chris you know you are going to come out feeling like you have achieved something, you have been pushed to your limit, but at the same time, you have been guided through every movement until you have it just right. Beyond a one on one training level, Chris has also been influential and supportive in the development of our my strength and conditioning gym ‘The Cube Gym’. He’s always happy to provide advice and the right contacts to make what we do the best it can be. To me, Chris is a selfless trainer that leads from the front and only wants the best from the people he trains"

Andrew Coorey Age 32

“The training that Chris Feather has provided me over the past few years is second to none. I have been very privileged to be able to train under Chris. His professional, thorough attitude and strong work ethic sets a sensational platform to work off. The no nonsense attitude that Chris practices enables the most optimum workouts to be achieved on each visit to the gym. Having recently undertaken Chris’s twelve week program, it has taken my fitness and attitude towards training to a whole new level.  Chris has not only improved my fitness levels but more importantly improved my mental toughness to enable me to train at a higher level from when I first started visiting the gym nearly four years ago. It is very easy to follow a leader who works as hard as Chris.”

Deb van der Rijt Age 34

"Chris is a different type of 'feel-good' trainer. You definitely DONT feel good during the sessions, but you do once you have recovered! Chris has the ability to recognize and push your individual limits with challenging but rewarding workouts that lead to visible and tangible results - including my ability to now do 6 chin ups and dead lift over double my body weight."

Anthony Collins Age 45

"Chris has been my trainer for two years. In this time my overall fitness and energy levels have increased dramatically. Every session is unique, challenging and focuses on different areas of my body. Chris takes the time to understand your goals and holds you accountable to ensure that these goals are reached. I would recommend Chris Feather Training to anyone that wants to be challenged physically and mentally."

Tom Burgess Age 24

"As a professional Rugby League player you go through some very tough sessions, especially during the pre-season. I tend to train with Chris to make sure I keep in shape in the off season. It's the most enjoyable training sessions I do as he makes everything  target based and something to work towards. The only competition is yourself. He has a very good understanding of the body as he is an ex professional athlete himself, you feel in good hands whenever he is around."

Francesca Grieve Age 27

“Chris Feather training has completely transformed my training, my lifestyle and my attitude. It has taught me that consistency is the key to success and that hard work in the gym following a structured weights program, paired with a balanced diet and focused mind, will definitely achieve the best results. Chris continually motivates me to push past my perceived limits and makes each workout challenging and rewarding. The results have been really incredible, I have never felt so strong.”

David Smith Age 28

“Having recently completing the Chris Feather Training 1.0 programme, I could not recommend Chris’ programmes and personal training any higher. As a footballer playing in the AFL Sydney Premier Division, CTF 1.0 was the perfect programme for me to maintain and increase my strength, endurance and fitness levels. The programme catered for a wide range of fitness levels and abilities, where all participants improved across all key performance indicators. The sessions were very tough, mentally and physically, however once completed provided great enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Every session was unique and original and could be completed individually and also in a group setting, which was great for healthy competition, encouragement and support. Chris comes with a wealth of experience and qualifications, is a great role model and also practices what he preaches. As a personal trainer he has the ability to be firm but supportive while setting high but realistic goals and standards.“

Andrew Gibbs Age 32

"I have trained at Chris' gym 98 Riley St for over 5 years. Over that time, chris has been a wealth of knowledge and always been able to provide advise on training, injury prevention, proper technique etc. More recently, I did the FYF program and experienced amazing results. Dropping times across rowing etc and upping weight that I can move. I lost fat and added muscle. Hardest, but most rewarding training I've ever done. I will do it again. It's been a privilege to be trained by chris and to train along side him. Nothing better than a trainer that trains harder than anyone and constantly practices what he preaches."

Agnes Bruck

“I credit Chris Feather with getting back my fitness and mojo after having my children. Chris is not just an influential  fitness and health coach he is the centre of a  healthy, fit and supportive community.”

Luca Ionescu

Training with Chris Feather for the past few years has been a decision I’ve not had to think twice about. Since starting with CFT I have been enjoying the added energy, strength and benefits of keeping fit.

Martin Criss Age 49

“5 years ago I made the decision to get fit and as luck would have it, 98 Riley Street Gym opened up 100m from work. I had never stepped into a gym before nor ever considered a personal trainer.  Then I met Chris Feather. It didn’t matter that I was starting from scratch, Chris quickly worked out my limitations and then proceeded to transform those limitations week by week, month by month with a well thought out, interesting and structured program. We continually set goals, goals that I want to achieve, and Chris tailors the training so as I attain those goals. 5 years later, the transformation and goals that I have achieved have been phenomenal and I put it all down to the time and effort that Chris has devoted to guiding and developing me. There are plenty of personal trainers in the market now, but very few are as inspiring, committed and knowledgeable as Chris Feather.”

Andrew Rochford Age 37

"After training with Chris I have an entirely new appreciation of what i am capable of achieving physically.

Physically i have never been fitter, felt stronger or pushed myself harder. 

The competitive challenges of the training really pushed me to be better than i expected… and still do.

For me its about fitness that is functional and useful to achieving what you want in all aspects of your life."

Aiden Allen Age 40

"Health and fitness is a major driver of happiness for me and after 4 years with Chris I have never looked back. A tailored training regime focussed on personal challenge and body maintenance has helped me cope with the stress of a busy job and the time challenges of a new family."

“Intent reveals desire. Action reveals commitment.”

– Dr Steve Maraboli

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